Catedral de Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral, a magnificent Catalan Gothic holy structure nestled in the city, stands out among the Catalan modernism buildings. Situated near Palau de Musica, its construction began in 1298 and wasn’t done until 1448. One of Barcelona’s main attractions, it houses admirers from all over, seeking to probe its outside and have a peek inside.

Front of Cathedral
The front facade is quite impressive. As you can see below, it’s hard not to gawk at it. Unfortunately, something forming in front of the building for an event scattered about the space and I couldn’t take a clear frontal picture. But despite the distractions, the cathedral’s eye-catching presence still captivated us.

A Stroll to the Side
To the cathedral’s side, we walked through a passage and looked upwards to the goblin-like creatures hanging above. The thought of it breaking off one day and falling down is a scary tragedy.

Cathedral’s Backside
Unlike the front of the cathedral, its backside is quiet — a solitude pace we did not have when we explored the front facade.

Inside the Cathedral
After exploring the cathedral’s outer structure, we stepped inside its cavity, overwhelmed by its dark beauty. The serene blue surrounding its nave had a zen nature to it. And beneath the bell tower, stood the massive organ looming in a mysterious way with a slight seductive eeriness to it.

Outside Patio
As we observed the small fountain in the courtyard, a yowl penetrated through the silence. We stepped past the fountain and saw the culprit. White geese paraded nearby, watching people encroach on their space.

So focused on seeing Antoni Gaudi’s work, we completely missed Barcelona Cathedral on our last visit. I’m glad we had the chance to explore it this time. If you love the architecture of the old world charm of European cathedrals, then you won’t be disappointed by the visit.


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