360° View of Barcelona

Having to postpone a trip because of weather, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in Barcelona. However, the weather changed for the better, and we decided to take advantage of it. Already having in mind of our visit to Carmel Bunkers, we decided it was the perfect occasion since it is noted as the best and most romantic viewpoint in Barcelona.

The Hike

This turned out as a five-mile round-trip, urban hike from our place. With the weather warmed up a bit, we left our big winter jackets at home. The trail started behind a residential area and playground. To the right of there, we walked up a dirt path leading into solitude with the much-appreciated trees giving us cleaner air to breathe. We stopped to take in the initial view of the city as we gained more elevation and while the sun still shone.

Carmel Bunkers sits on top of a cliff, residing next to small houses. I don’t know the elevation gain we hiked up from city center, but the trail leading up to the viewpoint wowed us more so than the city view. The trail was the highlight of this venture.

Back View

When we arrived at the top, the sun was already on its way down. We visited the backside of the city first because the pink clouds pulled me in for a closer look. Perhaps it was just that evening, how the sunset grazed over this side, but we enjoyed the back view of the city more than its front side. This side was also the quieter and less populated side as well. We stood closer to homes beneath the bunker, and I noticed locals gathering and having a good time playing music and barbecuing.

Front View

Heading towards the ‘front side’ of the city, clusters of people formed all over. We squeezed into a spot to look at the view. Unfortunately, the pollution smog did not make the view all that appealing.


In the time that we’ve been here, we notice pollution is dense. London was awful, and we were hopeful Barcelona would be a little better. In some ways it is, but not much better. With the myriad of motorbikes cruising around the city and the cigarette smoke wafting through the air, it’s a struggle to breathe clean air as it was in London from the diesel cars, the black particle debris from riding the Tube underground, and the cigarette smoke as well. Every time we walk outside, we develop sore throats from the pollution in both cities. It’s that bad.

To look out over the city that high and notice the pollution rising like that was unnerving to know what stress we are putting our health and bodies through. The two pictures convey how dense the smog is as I zoomed in the camera. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and we really are enjoying our time here otherwise.

Although we didn’t care for the view as much, we found this outing fun and pleasant. We documented our urban hike, V-day date with a quick selfie and ended our time there. On our way down, we took a different path and noticed a graffiti art of two lovers feeding each other. I’d say, what a befitting ending as we headed back to start our candlelit dinner. ❤



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