Hummus Barcelona

Chickpeas are a staple in our diet. We eat it every day, so it’s not a surprise we love hummus. Making hummus at home is healthier, but we never pass up an opportunity to try out a restaurant specializing in hummus only. That being said, our recent food adventure took us to Hummus Barcelona.

Hummus Barcelona is known for the best hummus in town. Locals and visitors alike enjoy their hummus-based meals here. Located near Casa Batlló, this small cafe is vegetarian but serves mostly vegan options. Breaking from our usual dinner of lentil curry, kale, and brown rice, we ventured down to Hummus Barcelona for some hummus and pita.

The menu consists of various hummus options. For instance, Nick ordered the Egyptian Bean Hummus, and I asked for the Hummus Champignon.

Hummus Champignon

Egyptian Bean Hummus

The Verdict

We enjoyed this meal tremendously. It’s the best hummus we’ve eaten since The Green Panther in Montreal. If you’ve been following us and our eating adventures here on this blog, you’ll know our two most common complaints already: oil and salt. This was expected, but they accommodated our request of not having extra oil added to our hummus. Aside from this, the taste was fantastic. I savored my mushroom hummus. Nick loved his Egyptian Bean hummus. The pita was fresh out of the oven, warm and soft. It was superb. We left with bellies stuffed, walking back to Gracia in the rain, but it was worth the outing!


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