Spanish Guitar Trio & Dance at Palau de la Música

For another cultural experience in Barcelona, we attended a Spanish guitar and flamenco dance concert. Three internationally renowned guitarists played a tribute to the legendary Paco de Lucía, while a pair of dancers gave an exciting performance. Set on the famous and unique stage of Palau de la Música, the performance provided us with a memorable and pleasurable experience.

Palau de la Música Concert Hall and Stage

Though the concert hall is not enormous, it is aesthetically appealing. The pictures don’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate the intricate details and unique design of this Catalan modernism building. From the sculptures to the tile work, to the mosaics and colors of the architecture, we couldn’t help but let our eyes wander and soak it all in.

The front entrance of the concert hall all lit up at nighttime.

Back entrance of the concert hall, through the lounge.

In line at the lounge.

Inside the concert hall and its ceiling.

The stage

Spanish Guitar Trio and Flamenco Dance

The music ranged from being soothing to romantic, to sad to uplifting and upbeat, but it was mostly beautiful and upbeat. We enjoyed all of the tunes, and the guitarists are truly talented while possessing some humor as well. Below is a sample of the music performed by the guitarists and their percussionist, along with a glimpse of their dancers.

No pictures were allowed during the performance, but I don’t think I would have taken pictures anyway because I was that enthralled by the performance. Glued to my seat and gawking, the music guided me to its rhythm, and the dancers were so fascinating to watch. Both male and female dancers were talented and amazing. They tap-danced, spun, turned, and did swivels with their knees and feet in the air. They also clapped their hands and stomped their feet to complement the music while dancing and sitting. For each performance, they changed outfits, matching one another. The woman’s dresses were always long and frilly and swirled as she danced.

This was so worth our time, a memorable experience and highlight of our activities in Barcelona. I highly recommend this for any visitor. You won’t be disappointed! If you go, do yourself a favor and sit near the stage because you’ll appreciate being up close. We did just that and were happy with it. Also, buy your tickets in advance to ensure you get the showing you want. Keep in mind, there is only one show the day they are performing, so you kind of have to plan in advance to see this trio and dance. And the show starts late, (9 p.m. on a weeknight and 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday) so be prepared to be out late.


6 thoughts on “Spanish Guitar Trio & Dance at Palau de la Música

  1. Jeesh, that building is phenomenal. The guitarists sounded great in the video, what really caught my attention was the bongo player. What great music

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