Barcelona’s Green and Berry for Acai Bowls

Our love for acai bowls led us to Green and Berry, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that focuses on healthy eating, both raw and cooked dishes. We’ve been to Green and Berry twice now, and what had us coming back was because of the Rio Acai Bowl.

The girl who prepares the acai bowls really puts in the effort to make the bowls, and I have to give her credit for that. Not only is it nutritious and tasty but also pretty-looking at Green and Berry. What makes the acai bowls different here is that they make their own granola and it’s not with oats. Instead, they combine nuts, coconut flakes and agave for their ‘granola’. It’s simple but tasty and unique — a great combination with the blended acai and fruits. This is absolutely our favorite thing to have at Green and Berry, so if you want acai bowls, you can’t go wrong having it here. And if you want just as tasty and of high quality acai bowls but for a better price, try Fit Bar instead.

Although Green and Berry offers dishes that look good on paper, the food didn’t appeal to us when we tried a variety of dishes. The best thing we had for food was the Loma Linda Burrito. We appreciate the name since Loma Linda is the healthy blue zone of California, but we didn’t feel it was befitting to carry the Loma Linda name because it just oozed grease. However, this burrito was the best-tasting cooked food option we had there.

I think Green and Berry is popular for their acai bowls and is liked by many because of its concept and intentions. I believe the execution isn’t quite there for healthy food. Instead, Green and Berry is better for its acai bowls, cold-pressed juices, and raw desserts. I can genuinely recommend coming here for this if you’re health focused.


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