Waffle Tasting at Vacka

Not too far from our place in Gracia is Vacka, an organic vegan joint that specializes in healthy fast food that is raw and cooked. But the main attraction is their vegan waffles. These waffles are gluten-free, made either savory or sweet, depending on your mood. They have a set menu that you can choose from with their concoctions, or you can make up your own by selecting from the ingredient list. Savory waffles are made from chickpea flour and sweet ones made with brown rice flour.

Yesterday, we stopped by for a sweet treat, creating our own yummy waffles. I asked for banana, chocolate sauce, and berry ice cream. It changes depending on what they have, but it’s usually some sort of fruit ice cream made from frozen fruit in the same manner the popular banana ice cream is made.

Nick wanted berries but made a mistake by opting out and going for mangos instead. The mango and berry ice cream were the two things that differentiated our waffles. Unfortunately, the mangos weren’t ripe, so he didn’t eat any of it. I shared my berry ice cream with him, so that made up for his disappointment. Then he enjoyed his waffle much more. Lucky for him, what’s mine is his. πŸ˜‰

Vacka is a small spot, but they offer a variety of tempting raw and cooked foods. Besides waffles, you can get a bagel sandwich, a burger, a raw wrap, acai bowls, or raw desserts. And they also specialize in making raw nut cheese. I think we’d like to return for a savory waffle before our upcoming departure. If you want vegan waffles in Barcelona while visiting, you now know where to find them!


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