Veggie World Barcelona 2017

Barcelona, recently recognized and achieved status as a veg-friendly city from their increase in veg restaurants, stores, shops, and veg-friendly restaurants, held its first Veggie World. Veggie World is Europe’s largest and oldest vegan fair, held similarly like Veg Fest. Though Barcelona is newly added to the list of cities hosting Veggie World, this event has been happening in different cities (London, Utrecht, Warsaw, and Zurich) and throughout Germany and France. This event is actually held twice in Paris, April and October.

Standing in line in the rain but with a good view.

After a day out in the sunshine, we experienced rain while standing in line at the top of La Cúpula, waiting to get into the Veggie World. Upon entering, we did not realize the scope of the event. Barcelona’s first Veggie World was quite small. There weren’t a large number of vendors and food to discover, so we literally saw everything in detailed during our two-hour there.

Nick and I love pigging out at these types of events, and here are the things we discovered or tried:

Steamed veggie dumplings with a drizzle of carrot and apple aioli sauce from Vegan Raw. This is my favorite savory food item we tried at the event.

Vegan Donner Kebab that we did not try. The line was way too long, and we prefered something healthier.

We went for this simple wrap (mesclun, dried tomato pate, and shitake mushrooms) instead, paired with a lentil burger patty not shown from Vegan Raw.

Barcelona’s only all raw and organic restaurant, Petit Brot. We came here for some cold-pressed Kale Power juice.

After filling our bellies, we moved to desserts. And this raw and organic ice cream bar from Rawito was the best thing we had there! Nick enjoyed the chocolate flavor.

Rawito’s package. I had apple and plum flavor. It was delicious!

I went for more ice cream, gelato at Gelaati di Marco, while Nick had an acai shake not pictured from Shanti Gelato.

I paired coconut and strawberry together. The coconut was so rich and creamy, and the strawberry was much needed to balance it out. The combo was pretty good, but I definitely enjoyed my Rawito bar more.

Despite the event being small, we had a blast. I’m sure the next Veggie World at Barcelona will be even bigger and better in 2018.


8 thoughts on “Veggie World Barcelona 2017

    • Yes! I’ve never been to the Seattle one. We’re going to the Toronto this year. It’s the biggest one in North America! It will take the entire weekend to explore everything there! I’m guessing you didn’t get to see the pictures of my Veggie World post? I noticed my pictures are done. Something’s wrong with the API and Nick has to look into it when he has the time to actually fix it for me. 😦 Boo. It could take some time…

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