Hello from North York, Toronto

After an extremely long and tiring travel day, we made it to Toronto late Saturday evening. The total time we traveled summed up to be longer because of major delays on both of our flights. Nevertheless, we made it to our new home in the North York neighborhood of Toronto.

Yonge and Sheppard

We absolutely love our location for day-to-day life in this part of North York. Our accommodations this time is a bit different as we are renting from a company that rents out hotel-style apartment suites. Thus, our new place is similar to a regular hotel in the way it is decorated, with its amenities, concierge and maid service, so the look and feel is very much like being in a hotel. There are pros and cons to this, but because we booked so last-minute, not knowing for sure if we were coming to Toronto, this was the best we could do regarding location. And location is what it is all about for us. We live in a complex of high-rises, right behind Whole Foods Market. We literally are next door to the store, reminding us of our former flat in downtown Seattle on Westlake that is across the street from the Whole Foods. Living this close to the market makes life so convenient. We are pleased with the location. It is quiet and well-situated by all necessities for day-to-day living, and entertainment as well. The metro is at the same location as Whole Foods, so that is our mode of transportation to get around this enormous city when exploring different parts of Toronto.

To the left of the living room is the den and office, and to the right of the dining room is the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. Very blah but functional.

Our view outside, a bunch of high-rises.

The smaller building flanked by two high-rises is where Whole Foods Market resides.

Nana Shake

Right across the street from Whole Foods Market is Nana Shake, an organic banana ice cream based dessert shop. We wasted no time and got our treats here the next day of arrival. This little shop, tucked away in a new complex building, has different banana ice cream pops, ice cream cakes, shakes, and other banana-based concoctions.

Nick went for a peanut butter and chocolate shake, while I had a mini Blondie cookie-style cake with mint chocolate ice cream. We both enjoyed it tremendously and already made ourselves known to the owner and worker, as they know we’ll be regulars during our sojourn.

So far we’re enjoying Toronto and look forward to more adventures.

Have you been to Toronto? If so, what do you think of the city?


19 thoughts on “Hello from North York, Toronto

  1. Location is everything. I often seek location over amenities, as long as it isn’t dangerous or gross. My favorite beach place is at the prime location. It’s old, but we love it because we can afford it. Enjoy your trip. I hope to get to Canada some day. I went when I was 2, but it doesn’t count because all I remember is looking at the falls, leaning over a railing. I am sure I was in someone’s arms.

  2. I’ve never been there but have heard it’s great and have always wanted to visit! You’re so lucky that you’re apartment is near the metro – I find being near stations makes such a difference to my day! πŸ™‚

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