Yorkville, Toronto

One neighborhood worth visiting when in Toronto is Yorkville. This affluent neighborhood with high-end shops and a mix of Victorian charm and modern buildings offer plenty of shopping and good dining. Yorkville was actually the area we tried finding a place to live in for our sojourn, but it didn’t work out because there was nothing for us. We had no idea about the place, just that it’s a nice neighborhood and that there is a Whole Foods Market. However, it all worked out with us being in North York, because after all, we’re right behind Whole Foods, a bigger store than the one in Yorkville, too. Nevertheless, we wanted to explore the area, so we spent the day in Yorkville, eating and sightseeing.

Yonge and Bloor

Off the metro, we stepped out into clean streets, surrounded by high-rises and a downtown vibe. Our first stop was to Bay Street for lunch, where Planta resides. This trendy and upscale, plant-based restaurant is quite popular, and we joined the crowd for Sunday brunch.

A new high-rise in the works.


Nick enjoyed Planta’s Scottish Oats with almond milk, dates, banana, granola, and brown sugar. He thought it yummy but a little on the light side. He’s used to eating huge bowls of oats, so this didn’t quite do it for him.

I had Banana Pancakes with pecans and maple syrup. It was delicious but nothing spectacular, and I also thought mine a little light.

We both enjoyed our meals at Planta, but it didn’t stand out to us like other places we’ve eaten at. We also skipped out on the desserts. I was tempted to have their cinnamon bun, which looked scrumptious, but we decided to leave room for Revitasize.

Yorkville Ave and Village

Not too far from Planta is Yorkville Avenue, a charming area housing artwork, shops, dining, and Yorkville Village. The first stop was to Revitasize for our beloved acai bowls. Revitasize is 100% organic, plant-based, and raw-focused.

The owner is a personable guy who knew right away we were ‘tourists’ because of the camera strapped around my neck. Fascinated with our travels, he inquired about our time in Spain since he enjoyed his time in Spain as well. We all agreed the Spaniards know how to enjoy everyday life, which is something most North Americans lack as a culture.

This third meal that day, Nick enjoyed a peanut butter acai bowl, which is a unique twist offered by Revitasize. We haven’t seen this anywhere else. The base of all Revitasize’s acai bowls is acai, wild berries, banana, strawberries, and agave. The only difference with Nick’s is the added peanut butter blended with the base, then he topped his with strawberries, banana, kiwi, and hemp seeds. As for me, I had the standard blend topped with kiwi, pomegranate, and banana.

While walking around, we had to visit the Whole Foods in Yorkville Village, which is a little mall nestled in the blocks of shopping and artwork displays. This branch of Whole Foods is the only one in Toronto besides the one in our neighborhood, but it’s smaller and has less to offer. However, it has the most appealing ceiling out of any Whole Foods we’ve visited.

The cutest Christian Louboutin shop I’ve seen!

Yorkville Whole Foods Market

Instead of doing touristy things while visiting Toronto, visiting the different neighborhoods is a better alternative if you want to experience the culture of the city. This is what we intend to get out of our visit while here. And Yorkville is definitely a charming area to spend the day. It may be a little bit too lively for us but by no means a bad vibe.


8 thoughts on “Yorkville, Toronto

  1. Oh those pancakes! I have been wanting to explore more of Canada, even on my side. I’m close to Vancouver, but I’ve never been! It’s only about a three hour drive from me (same distance as Portland which I’ve visited many times.) I think I need to make Vancouver a summer destination!

    • I used to visit Vancouver every summer growing up with family. Then I would go over there during college and a little afterwards for events and trips. I’d love to go back to go hiking around there and stay out on the different islands for some R&R and nature love if we move back to WA. The outdoor adventures there are so nice. You should definitely go explore the area! Vancouver is a nice city as well.

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