Kensington Market, Toronto

It seems every city has its own eccentric part of town. Kensington Market neighborhood of Toronto is it, contrasting the city’s modern high-rises. This small section of the city sports graffiti art, funky shops, restaurants, and has the most concentrated plant-based options in town. The lively vibe and street decor reminded us a little of Camden Town in London, but Kensington is much cleaner, less crowded, and there is no cigarette stench.

Off the subway, we immersed ourselves onto the University of Toronto campus on a cloudless sunny day. The campus stretches over many blocks before heading into Kensington area. I love looking at college campuses, admiring the different architecture and buildings. I didn’t snap any photos, but we noticed black squirrels hopping around. I’m not sure if black squirrels are present only in Eastern Canada, but it seems we’ve only seen them in this section of North America.

Kensington Market

With plenty good plant-based options in Kensington, it felt like Vegfest, though we didn’t have the stomach to eat at every place. Fortunately, we’re here for a while, so we’ll return for some good eats and treats.

Hibiscus Cafe

Hibiscus Cafe is known as the best organic veg restaurant in Kensington for its crepes and ice cream. We visited for both after a refreshing organic cold-pressed green juice, kitty-cornered at The Organic Press.

We enjoyed sweet crepes, made from buckwheat batter.

Nick’s Apple and Cinnamon Crepe

My Chocolate Hazelnut and Banana Crepe

Not pictured are Hibiscus’ coconut-based ice cream I indulged in, Strawberry Basil and Vanilla flavors. Though I enjoyed the crepe, I think I enjoyed the ice cream even better. It was that yummy! The Vanilla had a strong vanilla bean flavor, and you could see the beans in the ice cream. The Strawberry Basil had a subtle fresh basil flavor that oddly complemented the strawberry. If you’re too full to eat at Hibiscus, at least try their ice cream. It’s a must.

Goodbye Kensington. Until next time…


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