Cosmic Treats

Our latest food adventure at Cosmic Treats was surprisingly our favorite meal we’ve had so far in Toronto. Cosmic Treats is all vegan based in Kensington Market neighborhood. Because the place has a candy shop and is an ice cream parlor with not-so-healthy food options, we weren’t expecting much from the place. However, we wanted to try their ice cream, and there is one dish on their menu that is in line with how we eat, so we decided to give the place a chance.

We both had their Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew with Organic Quinoa. This meal totally exceeded our expectation. It was tasty, well-executed, and full of flavor without being oily and overly salty. From our myriad food adventures, health-focused places can sometimes disappoint because the food is not properly executed. It’s either too oily or prepared with too many carcinogens, defeating the purpose of them being healthy. And because Cosmic Treats is a junk food type of place, we expected poor execution. But this dish turned out to be so delicious and healthily prepared, meeting our standards.

The icing on the cake was their ice cream. House-made from cashews, their ice cream is creamy and super delicious. It takes first place on our list now, which means it’s pretty impressive. Cosmic Treats also have plenty of other baked sweets offered, and although tempted, we were all about the ice cream on this first visit.

Nick enjoyed a waffle cone with vanilla and salted caramel flavor.

I had a Cupcake Sundae because I wanted to try both ice cream and cake. My customized sundae was chocolate cupcake with maple cream and maple cookies, vanilla and salted caramel ice cream, topped with maple cookie crumbs, hot fudge, and whipped cream. This sundae was so scrumptious it had me swooning in my seat! We both agreed the salted caramel ice cream was superior to the vanilla, which is impressive for me because I LOVE vanilla ice cream.

Cosmic Treats was an ‘out-of-this-world’ dining experience. Thumbs up to this place. We’re so glad we gave Cosmic Treats a chance. And we will surely return for more treats — and that lentil and sweet potato stew, of course.


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