The Rogers Centre Experience

As kids, Nick played baseball, and I played softball. We’re both Major League Baseball fans, even though we don’t follow the sport religiously. In Toronto, the Toronto Blue Jays are huge, so attending a game was a must for us. We had our first Rogers Centre experience, where the Blue Jays played against our beloved hometown, Seattle Mariners.

Rogers Centre

To get to Rogers Centre is pretty easy as you ride the subway to Union Station and take the skywalk that takes you directly to the stadium.

The Skywalk from Union Station

CN Tower resides right next to Rogers Centre

The stadium is a nice one with a retractable roof, something the Mariners do not have back at home. Overall, Rogers Centre is just well-designed, clean, and a pleasing stadium. We enjoyed our time there, and of course enjoyed the game as well, even though the Mariners lost.

It’s great to know that veggie hot dogs are becoming more available at ball games now. Being such a veg-friendly city, Toronto offers veggie hot dogs for plant-based folks. We decided to go for it, to have the full game experience. It was actually tasty. And since we’ve been gone from Seattle, we learned Field Roast dogs are used for the veggie hot dogs at the Mariners game. Field Roast is a Seattle-based company that makes vegan meat alternatives, especially hot dogs and sausages. So for all you veg-lovers, take pleasure in knowing you can enjoy a healthier version of hot dogs while at the game!

Say “Veggie!” Yes, I was excited about the veggie dog!

We sat in the first section near first base. The seats were great, and the view was awesome!

Time for the USA and Canada’s national anthem led by a choir of kids singing.

If you’re a baseball fan or enjoy going to the game, attending a Blue Jays game is not to be missed! We had a blast, and if we ever return to Seattle for home base, we’ll definitely be attending more Mariners games.

Post-game. The CN Tower at nighttime.


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