Spring Blossoms at Allan Gardens

Spring is late in Toronto, with the weather being quite chilly these past few weeks. However, it has warmed up in the last week with bouts of higher temperatures this week. Spring blossoms are awakening, especially at Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory. So we ventured out and appreciated the flowers’ beauty.

The indoor botanical garden houses six greenhouses with seasonal and permanent plants. The vibrant colors of the flowers remind me of why I like and appreciate spring so much.

“The earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Outside the conservatory, tulips make quite an impression. But they are short-lived, and some other plant will most likely take its planting spot soon. Despite their short lifespan, their presence makes an impact. And every year in spring, we all wait for their presence to return.

If you’re in Toronto and would like to visit Allan Gardens, take the subway to College Station. From there it’s a 10-minute walk on Carlton Street.