The Annex, Toronto

The Annex is a downtown neighborhood of Toronto, a mix of students and families. Outside the quiet residences are restaurants and bars, but the vibe is nothing like the core of downtown, where it can be a bit too lively and crowded. As a visitor, the main attraction at the Annex is Toronto’s only castle, Casa Loma. This was the main reason for our visit, and we coupled the visit with a raw-based restaurant in the neighborhood.

It’s easy to spot the castle when we got out of Dupont subway station. The gray stone facade towers out-of-place on Davenport Hill. Ascending stairs, we walked through a little park and passed Spadina Museum. Both Casa Loma and the museum reside amongst nice family homes.

Casa Loma

Right across from the museum is the castle. Built in 1911 and at 180,000 square feet, it was the largest private home in North America.

Casa Loma’s stable resides across the street, neighboring ordinary townhouses. Its red brick facade and tower is just as gorgeous to look at as the main castle.

Live Organic Food Bar

After our visit to the castle, we sauntered back down the way we came, heading towards Live Organic Food Bar. Live is a raw food restaurant, serving some cooked foods as well. We visited the place right before closing, and though we weren’t ravenous, we ate anyway to take advantage of being right there.

Nick went for Live’s soup-of-the-day, which was a tomato coconut basil soup and paired it with steamed veggies and tofu. Though the soup was delicious, it wasn’t what Nick wanted. He thought it was a raw soup and was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t. Despite so, it was tasty.

I went for their Alkaline salad with umeboshi dressing. It was a super delicious salad, and I enjoyed it very much.

Live sells their raw food products around town, but we haven’t tried any of their raw crackers or desserts. Their menu has a good selection of raw and cooked dishes, but I’m more interested in their raw dishes. I loved the salad, and if I had room, I would have tried a raw dessert, too. If you’re a raw food enthusiast, give Live a try. It’s a popular place, and this is a favorite of Woody Harrelson’s. He visits Live every time he is in Toronto. What I love about the place is that it’s all organic and the prices are reasonable.


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