Scarborough Bluffs

Venturing out to Scarborough in East Toronto, we visited Scarborough Bluffs on what started out as a sunny day. This is the farthest we’ve ventured out in Toronto, to get a change of scenery from the city. The Bluffs are an escarpment with multiple parks, high meadows, and a beach along Lake Ontario.

We walked on a trail across from a private high school. The views from my photos don’t do it justice because the contrast in the turquoise and normal blue water is just beautiful. When we reached the bluffs and one of the parks, a cluster of people took selfies near the edge of the cliff. My Safety Officer Nick had us stay back and took pictures from afar.

As we found a passageway through the trees that led us down to the bottom of the bluffs and to the park below, the weather turned from bright blue to gray skies with impending rainfall. We made it down the precarious ‘trail’ in one piece and by the time we made it to the park, the rain dumped on us. Thunder crashed in the distance, and we hid beneath a tree until it subsided.

This area is worth a visit if you have a lot of time in Toronto. It’s a different landscape and a chance to enjoy the lake and scenery of the bluffs.


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