The Beaches, Toronto

The Beaches is a neighborhood east of downtown Toronto, with four beaches situated on Lake Ontario. The area takes you through a long stretch on Queen Street East. Though it took us a while to get out there, it was a beautiful day for the trip. The sunny day was filled with good vibes and was lively as we ventured down the street passing different neighborhoods filled with various festivals going on.

Tori’s Bakeshop

Our first stop was a visit to Tori’s Bakeshop, an all vegan and organic bakery. We weren’t the only ones out for an afternoon treat. The place was busy, packed with non-vegans and vegans alike. Though there are other vegan bakeries in the downtown core, Tori’s had my attention because of their quality and organic ingredients. And they are the only bakery in Toronto that provides baked doughnuts. Other places in Toronto have vegan doughnuts, but they all are fried, so we never bothered with them, despite being known as the best in town.

Nick and I indulged in a few items. We were too late for the strawberry rhubarb and vanilla doughnuts, but there were a few chocolate ones left. Neither of us wanted the chocolate ones much, but we traveled all this way, so we were going to try them no matter what. Nick ended up liking them a lot. I’m not a big fan of chocolate doughnuts, so they were just okay for me, but I did appreciate the caramel popcorn on top. Besides the doughnuts, we had a chocolate croissant, cinnamon bun, and strawberry rhubarb scone.

The verdict? Nick’s favorites were the scone and doughnut. My favorites were the cinnamon bun and scone. The scones were super fresh, yummy and soft in the inside. The cinnamon bun was scrumptious and the perfect soft texture and gooeyness. Our least favorite was the croissant. I’ve had better, and my favorite one I’ve had so far is ironically from a bakery in Barcelona and not in Paris.

The Beach

You can easily explore all of the beaches on the footpath since they’re all linked. The beaches aren’t spectacular, but it makes for a nice relaxing stroll, especially on a beautiful day. When you’re out exploring the neighborhood, visiting the beaches is a good way to be lakeside.

Queen Garden Centre

Though Toronto is big on graffiti and street art, we haven’t found any mural that stood out to us until now. Located at the Queen Garden Centre is a bee mural. We think the hidden message is saying we need to save the bees and that time is running out. Whether this is true or not, the mural is impressive to us.

From the core of Toronto, The Beaches is somewhat a lengthy trip by public transportation, but we enjoyed the visit. I think it’s worth it if you have the time to explore. It’s a different side of Toronto — a beach town that you won’t get from downtown.


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