Last Call Toronto

Our sojourn in Toronto ends in a couple of days. Next, we will be spending several days in Niagara-on-the-Lake area before we’re en route to Quebec province once again. But before we leave, here are some last call moments spent in Toronto over the past several days.

Yorkville 7th Annual Exotic Car Show

Each Father’s Day in Yorkville, a section of Bloor Street is closed off for the red carpet showing of exotic cars. The cars belong to Torontonians who offered their cars for viewing at the show. My pictures only show a fraction of what we saw, but you can probably imagine what other types of cars were there.

Fisker Karma

Solar Car

Kupfert and Kim

Our recent food adventure worth sharing was at Kupfert and Kim. This gluten-free, plant-based restaurant has several branches around downtown. What I like about K&K is that they use whole and organic ingredients. They use mostly organic ingredients, focusing on the dirty dozen. Every dirty dozen item they use is guaranteed organic. And that is what I admire about them: they are aware, and they care.

We visited K&K three times over the last week, and all of the times have been delicious. My favorite dish I’ve had from there is their waffle. They offer waffles all day in breakfast or dessert form. I had the dessert dish, which was topped with strawberry sorbet, though they do provide coconut-based ice cream. The waffle is the tastiest I’ve had in a while.

For their main dishes, they offer a variety of bowls. We only tried the vegetable Thai curry bowl, which was tasty. It seems to be quite popular.

And the last thing I had here was a green smoothie bowl. Though tasty, it was a bit small. It was more of a snack. I’d say skip this and go for the breakfast waffle with berries and cashew cream instead.

K&K is worth a visit for quick and healthy delights. The one on Spadina is the only branch that is open late, so visit this one if you go for dinner.

Meeting Lisa

Since we’ve been moving around since 2013, we left family and friends. We’re always in touch with family, but it’s been a little harder to keep in touch with friends because everyone has their own lives. And it’s even harder to make new friends since we’re nomads. We’re just visiting and traveling. However, I’ve made some friends of all ages online through my blog. I’ve even met up with a couple of them and plan on meeting more in person in the future.

A recent meeting was with Lisa from From Dream to Plan. At the tail end of our stay in London, Lisa moved there for school, but we never got a chance to meet up in the Big Smoke. And as we’re leaving Toronto, Lisa is on a one-month trip exploring Eastern Canada as well. She spent several days in Toronto, so we were able to finally meet.

Lisa recently graduated from school and is on this trip before she starts work in digital marketing back in London. She’s Italian and is a talented singer. I admire her for being a solo traveler at her young age. And despite our age difference, we have a lot in common. She actually is quite mature for her age. Below is a picture of us outside of Kupfert and Kim.

Thanks for following our journey in Toronto. I’ll report back when we’re in Quebec.


7 thoughts on “Last Call Toronto

  1. Oh, I’d love that waffle with strawberry sorbet! Wouldn’t mind that turqouise Chevy from the Fifties, either! Great Pictures, I have enjoyed your blog posts from Toronto. Good Luck With Your move to Quebec 🙂

    • Yes, you would love that waffle. 🙂 I liked that Chevy turquoise as well. Oldies are the best!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my posts on Toronto, and thanks for following!

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