Boisbriand, Quebec

Hello from Quebec! It has been a while since I’ve posted, but we have now settled into our new home in Boisbriand, a very French town. These last two-and-half weeks have been enjoying nature, cottage life, and the pleasures of not working, but I figure it’s time for an update as I’m following behind on my blog posts.

Boisbriand is a small suburban, countryside-like town north of Montreal. It’s only thirty minutes away from Montreal, so it’s easy to visit when we want. But having explored Montreal on our last sojourn, we aren’t too keen on visiting, though we have visited on a couple of occasions already.

Our new home is an escape from the city, and we LOVE it. The peacefulness and quiet life are what we’ve been craving for, so we are more than happy with our little two-story cottage, living our slow-life. Set on two acres of land, we are surrounded by greenery and even wildlife. Our little pond attracts little toads, and sometimes we’ll catch a beaver scurrying by, or a skunk at times. We awaken to the sounds of birds chirping and singing, which is much better than the sounds of the city.

The area we live in is quite small but has everything we need. There aren’t any vegan restaurants, but surprisingly there is an all vegan and organic bakery within walking distance. Other than that, we’re next to walking trails and a river, which makes for a good walk when we’re home and need a stroll. We’re also within good driving distance to a nearby town that has an excellent organic grocery store with everything we need.

Bonbon Collections, the town’s allergen-free and vegan bakery is yummy with great selections of treats: baked donuts, coconut-based ice cream, cakes, baguettes, muffins, cupcakes, and more. We’ve visited and tried a bunch of different goodies and our favorites are the ice cream, the baked maple donuts, and the strawberry shortcake.

On a recent walk, we spotted a little beaver munching away on some leaves. He was quite adorable and as we inched closer, we unfortunately spoiled his meal and spooked him. He scurried off and that was the end of our show.

We’ve been exploring other parts of Quebec, taking nature trips and hiking a bit, which I will share later. My posts are really behind, but I’ll try my best to present them in order. For the next three months we’ll spend our time here and explore other parts of Eastern Canada. Most of our trips will be nature-based, so expect a change of “scenery” in my upcoming posts.


10 thoughts on “Boisbriand, Quebec

  1. I love your new home!! And the pics of your latest adventures are lovely, looks like you’re having a great time and I’m very happy to hear about that 🙂 Hope your book is also going well xx

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