Mont Brassard Hiking Trip

We took a spontaneous hiking trip out to Saint-Zenon, two hours from where we’re staying in Boisbriand. The drive out there to this rural area was all countryside and small towns. When we approached Mont Brassard, the view was fantastic. Greenery everywhere. Trees stood populated in every direction we faced. And we knew we were out there when there was no cell service.

The five-mile plus round trip hike was one we enjoyed more than previous hikes in Quebec because it reminded us of our hikes in Washington. The trail started out along a rapid, moving into a climb, before reaching a small waterfall and lake, then gaining more elevation to the summit.

Once at the top of the mountain, there were several viewpoints facing different directions of the mountain. We were the only ones up there so it was quite peaceful. This trail, in general, isn’t too populated like ones in the national parks. It may have helped that we went during a weekday so it may be more traveled during the weekend. Despite so, we didn’t mind having the mountain all to ourselves.

Mont Brassard was worth the drive out. We had a good hike and appreciated the fantastic views.