The Birks of Aberfeldy

We made a return to Aberfeldy, visiting the Birks of Aberfeldy, a short hike with a series of waterfalls and a nice view.

This popular hike starts with a pleasant walk through the woods, passing a stream. Soon after, we came face to face with Robert Burns, the famous Scottish writer who wrote a song based on his inspirations and time spent at the Birks.

Despite the climb, it was an easy one. This hike gave us a lot of bang for the buck, and we can see why it is popular. The series of waterfalls, though small, was pleasing to the eyes.

The water roared, spitting out foam at the end of its fall. The brisk cold air nipped my cheeks but cooled us during our climb. Eyeing mossy green trees and the littered earth laden with copper leaves, it was all part of the experience at the Birks.

Once we got to the highest point, we saw the last and largest fall, as well as hills above the tree line.

After this the walk looped us back down, ending our time at the Birks. The hike, 2.25 miles, was a bit short for us, but we still enjoyed it. However, it was a tease, and we only crave the longer hikes we anticipate in the springtime more.