Alchemist Garden


The Alchemist Garden, its name somewhat befitting for the preparation of raw foods, was our last great dining adventure in Amsterdam. We went there for lunch on our last day before we hopped the train back to Paris. When we arrived the place had just opened. As first customers, we were led to our seats and given an introduction by the chef/waitress about the food and how it would take some time to prepare. And it did take us a while to get our food and eat. So, if you decide to visit, make sure you have at least two hours to spare. We ended up spending three hours because we took our time.

To start the meal off, we ordered smoothies. Nick custom-ordered one made with apples and ginger. I ordered the smoothie of the day: greens, soursop and apples.


The meal we ordered was basically a sampler of what was available for the day off of their menu. We shared the plate of healthy vibrant food, and it was plenty. There was a beet salad doused with a jungle peanut sauce, sprouts with olives and pumpkin seeds, fermented cabbage, pizza-spiced flaxseed crackers, a green salad with sesame spirulina sauce, and zucchini pesto pasta. The food was delicious and refreshing. It was just what we wanted from previous days of cooked food. Our favorite was the zucchini pesto pasta. The flavor was just right with the garlic, basil, and pine nuts.


We enjoyed the meal with Reishi mushroom tea.

We enjoyed the meal with reishi mushroom tea.

Although full, we just couldn’t leave without trying their desserts. If you’ve been following us for some time, you may have noticed our taste in dessert. Nick ordered a chocolate pie, of course. I ordered a raspberry pie. Nick’s pie was decadent and amazing. I liked it better than his chocolate pie at Golden Temple. On the other hand, my raspberry pie didn’t compare to the blackberry pie from Golden Temple. But, it was still tasty. I expected more of a raspberry punch to it but didn’t quite get it. I understand, though. It’s tough to get intense flavor from fresh raspberries when using them in raw pies. I’ve made one before. I guess I should have taken the waitress’ advice on getting the coconut crème brûlée, but I was craving my fruit pie. Alas, it was still delicious, and we had a great last meal in Amsterdam.