Treptower Park and Soviet War Memorial

We explored Treptower Park, a park alongside the river Spree in the Treptow-Kopenick district south of central Berlin. On a dry and brisk day, we enjoyed the scenery on our stroll: snow-covered grass, bare trees, and snow-white river in a peaceful setting. Passing a bridge, we came across restaurants and a boat rental place. Joggers passed us precariously, walkers made crunching sounds with their shoes on the snow-ridden path, and tourists stopped to admire the calmness of the picturesque background.



Farther along, we crossed the tree-lined street to visit the Soviet War Memorial, a popular tourist attraction for its structure and design. The memorial was built by a Soviet architect to commemorate the soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin in April–May 1945. Entering the park’s entrance, we walked up steps to a portal where two soldier statues genuflected to our sides.


Straight ahead we faced a large fenced lawn, flanked with stone monuments and bronze garlands.

The Memorial Plaque -- "The homeland will not forget its heroes"

The Memorial Plaque — “The homeland will not forget its heroes.”


At the end of the strip, steps lead up to the memorial where a statue of a soldier carries a child in one arm, holds a sword in one hand, and crushes a swastika with his feet.


The Memorial

The Memorial

Out of the main portal entrance and to the opposite end of the memorial, the Motherland Statue could be seen weeping for the loss of her sons. Her forehead is bent forward, eyes closed, and one hand clutches her shirt.

Motherland Statue

Motherland Statue