London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 20): Rawligion

This week’s food adventure highlight covers Rawligion, a fairly new raw cafe recommended by our friend Marty. Situated on Tottenham Street, Rawligion is small but in a good location. The cafe is all organic with a menu that is still evolving. Currently they have a few raw dishes, but what’s new is the option to have acai bowls. When we visited it was for breakfast and we had ourselves just that and really enjoyed our bowls of raw, healthy goodness.

After we finished our bowls and were headed out, the owner John asked us what we thought of the concoction because he had just returned from America and noted acai bowls were all over the place, mentioning how it is just new here in London. After talking a little about it, he then asked how we heard of the place because they are just opened five months ago. We told him our friend Marty suggested the visit, and he replied, “Not the Marty on rollerblades?”

“Yes!” I responded, and we all laughed.

“Can’t forget a guy on rollerblades,” said Nick.

We all laughed again, and Nick and I told him our story of how we met Marty. It was a good short talk, and John says “hi” to you, Marty if you’re reading this. 🙂