Piran, the Prettiest Town of Slovenia

Slovenia’s prettiest town, Piran, lies on the Istrian Peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. It is considered the Venice of Slovenia, and you can actually take a ferry across to the real Venice.

Because of Piran’s tiny size,┬ávisiting does not require too much time unless you plan on making a full day of it. A visit in the summertime means a crowded waterfront, where many go for a dip. Views of the town can be seen at the bell tower of St. George Cathedral, but the sketchy stairs and the scorching weather did not make this appealing for us.

Just as Piran is considered as Slovenia’s prettiest town, Tartini Square of Piran is regarded as the country’s finest square. It is here where a varied mix of architecture can be appreciated. Neo-Rennaissance buildings and cafes occupy one section of the square, while other parts have Gothic Venetian designs.

We walked on the promenade and meandered through the narrow back streets, wandering into residences’ territory of crumbling facades and ancient villas. Laundered clothes hung from windows overhead, the pungent smell of something fermenting tickled our senses, and peculiar overgrown gardens in narrow pathways let us know we were out of the tourist section.

When we returned to the tourist realm, we took shelter from the heat and cooled off with cold-press juices and gelato. Not too long after that, we visited the neighboring town and headed back to the capital city.

Vegan gelato from Karamela, mango and pistachio

We enjoyed our visit here and found the place quaint and charming. If you’re traveling around Slovenia, Piran is worth the visit because the town is entirely different from the rest of the country. Most of the country is boasting with green mountain tops, great for hiking, biking and caving, whereas Piran gives you a taste of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.