We visited Monaco last weekend and had heard about its glitz and glamour. I didn’t think it was glamorous, but it is a very nice place along the French Riviera, with many newer and luxury apartment buildings. The city is inset and surrounded by mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.


Walking around, we noticed right away a different vibe from the other French cities we’ve visited, and how nicely maintained it was. This was the last “French” place we would be visiting, and in our opinion, we thought it was the nicest place we have visited on the French Riviera.


The Christmas decorations were just being put up. We could tell it was going to be a festive production. Different food stalls were being set up: baked potatoes, crepes, brioche. It sparked excitement inside of me, because I can’t wait to be in Berlin during Christmas.


I don’t know if it was luck or if Monaco just has good Italian fare, but we had the best penne arrabiata and vegan pizza since we’ve been in the French Riviera at L’escale. Even though there is an abundance of Italian cuisines in South of France, we haven’t had much luck with it. Thus, we were impressed with our meal in Monaco. But aside from the good meal, we took a leisurely walk around the city and the first thing we noticed were expensive, luxury cars. Monaco must be one of the places we’ve visited that has the most Ferraris on the road.

When we walked to the famous Monte Carlo casino, there were so many of these cars in sight. People acted like paparazzi, gawking and taking photos of these statement cars.


In front of Monte Carlo Casino.

Besides the cars and casinos, there is high-end shopping and the beach. Monaco has a nice beach and is well maintained. The port is not huge, but there are plenty of expensive yachts to admire.


And there are a couple of gardens worth visiting: Exotic Garden and Japanese Garden. We did not make it to the Exotic Garden, but we visited the Japanese Garden. It was small and not the nicest Japanese garden I’ve seen but not a waste of time, either.


We really enjoyed our visit to Monaco. It was a nice end to our French Riviera tour.