Crêpe-sensation at Sama Sama

Today, I leave you with my last post from Portugal, a food adventure worth sharing.

Sama Sama

We stopped into Lisbon a final time, visiting Sama Sama, an all organic vegetarian/vegan crêpe and juice bar that is completely plastic free. The two vegetarian additions here are cheese and eggs, and they do have a vegan cheese (Violife) option as well.

Sama Sama has only been opened for 7 months by a husband-and-wife team, Malta (an Irishman from Galway) and Sofia, and they are making their mark as the best crêpes in town. Customers love their savory and sweet crêpes, and we happen to be one of them.

Upon entering Sama, the place is tiny with just a countertop for ordering. We could see the crêpes being made as Malta is in charge of the tasty manifestations. Sofia handles food preparation and makes the beverages.

The crêpe batter is entirely vegan, with a gluten-free option for Celiacs. They have names for each of their crêpe creations, and there is always a crêpe of the week. We both had the Ratatouille crêpe, called Jeannette, which was vegilicious.

Delicious Golden Milk made with hazelnut milk.

Malta making us our wonderful crêpes topped with kale chips.

The Jeannette

We ended up chatting with the owners for a bit before ordering a dessert crêpe: one Maria for each of us (spiced chocolate sauce with bananas and strawberries).

The Maria

After our sweet crêpes, Malta took a Polaroid of us to hang on their wall. We joked about how we made our mark. So, if you ever visit Sama Sama, keep an eye out for us. 😉

It’s a shame we only learned of Sama Sama so late during our stay, but at least we tasted their yummy crêpes. Vegan or not, I highly recommend a visit if you’re in Lisbon.

With this being my last post of the year, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! See you back here in 2018.

Best wishes,