Hiking an Old Volcano

I took a seat on Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of Edinburgh’s hills that was once a volcano. The last eruption occurred 340 million years ago when Scotland was close to the equator. Now, the mountain lies east of the city center, sitting across from the Queen’s residence, Holyrood Palace.

The main path led us facing Arthur’s Seat. We climbed the right side of the hill, then descended the left side back to the main trail.

Only at 823 feet, this quick and easy hike rewarded us with a panoramic view of the city. The day was the warmest Scotland has been since our arrival, but once we reached the top, it was breezy and cold. Despite so, we were distracted by the views and appreciated Edinburgh even more.

Arthur’s Seat is quite popular and being in the city, it is also a tourist hot spot. We enjoyed this little hike and checked it off our list. For being a city hike, Arthur’s Seat was awesome — definitely¬†worth the visit!