Porridge and Museum Day in Edinburgh

On a recent rainy day, we visited the National Museum of Scotland. But before doing so, we skipped our usual breakfast of mega smoothies and indulged in a bowl of porridge at Brochan.


Brochan is a vegetarian/vegan cafe that serves breakfast in the Marchmont neighborhood of Edinburgh. Although they serve granola bowls and toast, their specialty is their porridge bowls. Being fans of oats, we decided to give the place a try.

The organic oat groats are hand-rolled and cooked through with coconut milk. This makes the porridge ultra creamy and scrumptious. We loved it.

Nick went with a simple customized bowl with just banana and raspberries.

I ordered something off the menu with a few tweaks: cinnamon baked plum with coconut yogurt and hemp seeds. This bowl also comes with coconut chips and bee pollen, but I axed them out.

Our porridge experience at Brochan was super delicious, but the bowls are small and not too filling.

I also made a new buddy during our visit. Boris, the mini Schnauzer, stayed by my side the entire time and even waited for me when I used the bathroom. His temperament was calm and friendly, and it was a pleasure meeting him!

National Museum of Scotland

If you’re visiting Edinburgh on a rainy day, the National Museum of Scotland is a fantastic way to stay dry while being entertained. The building itself is cool, and the layout of the museum is great. And the best part? A visit here is free, but there is a fee for the exhibitions.

There are myriads to see and peruse at this museum, so it is kind of mind-boggling to me that it is free.

The Jaw of a Whale

One of the four meteorites that hit and landed in an area near where we are staying.

Sabretooth Skeleton. Look at those fangs!

A parka made from animals’ intestines.

The Millenium Clock. It rings at every hour, on the hour. Each section displays a secret and tale about life and death.

If you visit, don’t forget to go to the museum’s rooftop for a view of the city. After spending almost three hours there, we were ready to leave and totally forgot. It’s supposed to be a good view, so too bad for us. Enjoy your visit, but don’t make the same mistake we did! 😉