Gentle Gourmet Cafe

Place de la Bastille

Place de la Bastille

Gentle Gourmet Cafe is an organic vegan restaurant in Paris located in the Bastille neighborhood of the 12th arrondissement. We’ve been meaning to try it but never got around to it, so we finally dined there as our last dining adventure in the City of Light.


We walked to the restaurant when the sun was still out and when we arrived around 8 pm we were greeted by a friendly British waitress. Their menu changes monthly, sometimes bi-monthly and after eating so much cooked food in Amsterdam, I wanted to try out their raw lasagna dish. I ordered a side of salad to go with the meal but didn’t realize how big of a plate it would be. And I didn’t realize my dish came with salad! I basically had two salads in addition to my dish.


Nick had a Portobello mushroom burger with salad and potatoes. He raved about it and it did look delicious. It had taken me so long to finish my meal and had gotten full before I could taste his. The burger appeared to be a popular dish with the locals as well, who all seemed to use a fork and knife to eat their burger. Nick ate it the American way.


I must say if you’re going to try the restaurant, avoid the raw lasagna if you’re into raw dishes because it was obviously not their specialty. It wasn’t bad, but I could make a tastier raw lasagna dish than that. Besides the taste, the quality of the food was fantastic. You could tell this place takes pride in their quality and execution of food. I don’t blame them for my bland dish because it really isn’t their specialty and yet they try to include raw vegan dishes on their menu to cater to raw foodists.

On the other hand, their desserts were amazing and simply hands down the best in Paris for vegan desserts. I loved my red fruit tart and Nick enjoyed his Bavarian chocolate cake.


They also serve brunch and their menu looks awesome for that. They have chocolate croissants, which I regret never having tried. I did see three croissants when we arrived to the restaurant and was going to grab them to-go but someone beat me to it. Alas, my luck. We will definitely go back and try brunch if we’re ever in Paris again. I highly recommend this to vegans and non-vegans alike to try Gentle Gourmet.

After the sun had set and it was nearing 11 pm, we walked back a different route over the canal to admire the lighting. It was our goodbye to Paris as we were leaving to Aix en Provence soon.