Orford-Magog Trip

We returned to Eastern Township region for a hiking trip to Mont Orford near Magog. And because I’ve heard great things about the small town of Magog, we explored the place on a different day as well. This area is quite scenic, with green landscapes, picturesque lakes, and lovely countryside homes. On both visits, the sun shone, sparkling over the area, and we relished in the nice weather during our hike and sightseeing.

Mont Orford

This 7-mile hike to Mont Orford is our new favorite hike in Quebec. We love a good workout when we hike, and this trail granted our wish. We powered through the steep climb, glistening with sweat, and took delight in our reward at the top. The view was fantastic, so peaceful and beautiful.


On a different day, we experienced Magog in various ways, visiting an abbey, strolling through marshland and visiting the town’s famous Lake Memphremagog. The trip was nice, relaxing and scenic.

Saint Benedict Abbey

Saint Benedict Abbey was founded in 1912 by an exiled abbot from France. Under the rule of Saint Benedict, there are more than fifty monks at the church.

We toured the church and grounds in a peaceful setting of an area called Austin. Apparently, the cheese made by the monks sold in the gift shop is quite popular, and many visitors make hefty purchases when here. Other items made by the monks and sold at the gift shop are jams and cider.

Marais Rivière aux Cerises

Our next adventure took us to the marshland of Cherry River, a place with short nature trails through the wood and swamp. This area lies on the outskirts of town center, and there is a trail that leads from the river directly to the main area of town.

Lake Memphremagog

Lake Memphremagog spans both Vermont and Quebec, but mostly Quebec. This fresh water glacial lake is a popular spot for boating, swimming, and lakeside dwelling. We picnicked at the lake with good tasting food from Le Gratitude Cafe in Orford, a newly opened vegan restaurant. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures to share of the food and place, but if you’re plant-based and happen to be in the area, Le Gratitude is not to be missed! Afterward, a stroll along the lake and a view from the tower house were both things we did before exploring other parts of the town.

Orford-Magog area is a lovely place to visit in Eastern Township. Despite being a tourist hot spot, we enjoyed our time in this area, and it did not seem crowded at all. The scenery here is worth exploring, and with its close proximity to Montreal (2 hours), it’s easy to pay a visit if you have the time and a car.