Halifax Vegan Eats

A trip to a new city is not complete for us without visiting vegan hotspots. Being a small city, Halifax has few veg restaurants. We were able to try all of them around town:


Heartwood, a vegetarian/vegan joint, was the first place we ate at that first night we arrived in Halifax. There are two locations, but the one we went to was the restaurant instead of the stand on the waterfront. I recommend going to the restaurant for a nice sit-down experience with a full menu to choose from.

Not everything on the menu is organic, so if you want all organic, you have to ask the server what is organic for the day. Based on that information, Nick went with a customized veggie pizza on spelt flour. Nick raved about how good his pizza was, and I have to agree after tasting it.

I had the coconut curry bowl with veggies and brown rice. Although delicious, it wasn’t my favorite coconut curry bowl. I did enjoy it and would surely go back and try something else.

Wild Leek

Wild Leek sits across from a book store. When we arrived at the location, I thought, this is my kind of spot: a bookstore and a vegan restaurant! However, this vegan restaurant is not typical of how we eat or how we like our foods prepared. Despite so, we enjoyed our lunch from the all-day breakfast menu. We both ordered organic apple pie pancakes with seitan bacon. The pancakes were amazing and quite different from any other pancakes we’ve had out. And as for the charred seitan . . . we didn’t touch it, nor did we have room for it.

Wild Leek is a tiny spot that needs some improvement with its service, but the food is tasty when you want to be naughty. People seem to love the food there, but it’s definitely not a healthy spot.

Blue Apples

We hadn’t planned on visiting Blue Apples, and that would have been a mistake! This funky vegan cafe is not to be missed. We ate here twice for dinner because we liked it so much. When you first enter, the main floor is a massage and tea area, where you’ll be greeted by a twenty-something-year-old hippy.

Upstairs is where the food and restaurant are located. The guys upstairs are just as friendly as the fellow downstairs, and we love how they are so aware of every ingredient that goes into the food. The best part is that most of their ingredients are organic, though they don’t advertise it.

The first time we went, Nick ordered the Dahl over roasted potatoes. I wanted the same, but it was so hot I wanted something cold. Big mistake, because the Dahl was incredible and tasty. It’s the best dahl we’ve had in a while. I couldn’t help but steal some bites. My tofu salad sandwich was delicious, but the second time we went, I had to get the Dahl as well.

The blueberry banana muffins were yummy, and we both couldn’t resist getting these on both visits. If you love blueberries, you’ll love these muffins because they’re made with wild organic, Nova Scotian blueberries.

En Vie: A Vegan Kitchen

En Vie is a more gourmet-style vegan restaurant that is very popular with both locals and visitors. We went there for dinner and had a delicious fun time.

We started with Donair Tacos. The spiced and pulled jackfruit on corn tortillas, topped with tomatoes and fresh lime was simple but quite tasty. On the side was the creamy donair sauce. Because the tacos were so delicious as is, I felt the sauce wasn’t really needed, but it was a nice flavor.

For the main course, Nick had the Pulse dish: cauliflower puree with red and green lentils, kale chips and oyster mushrooms. He enjoyed his meal and thought the puree was interesting. Combined with the lentils, it proved a success, though it was not that filling.

My dish was the Macro: coconut sauce over steamed veggies and ancient grain medley with marinated teriyaki tofu, sprouts, grated beets and carrots and cilantro. I really enjoyed the flavors of this dish, the way the spicy coconut sauce tasted with the steamed and fresh veggies. This dish was quite filling, and I appreciated how it was prepared.

For dessert, we both ordered our own Sticky Toffee Pudding. Though delicious, it was my least favorite thing to eat there. We both appreciated and enjoyed the coconut cream on the side. It completed the dessert.

All four places had their unique qualities, but our favorites were Blue Apples and En Vie. Both places exceeded in taste and quality, and we would surely go back if ever in Halifax again.