Rome’s Gelato

One of the most favored things to eat in Rome is gelato. I can guarantee a person has at least one scoop of gelato a day on their visit. There was always a sight of a tourist carrying a cup or cone of gelato to what seemed like well after bedtime. We sure splurged on it. We each ate two to three servings of gelato each day during our trip. Nick always ordered the biggest size available, and I always up ended with the second or third largest cup available. Lucky for us, there were plenty of vegan gelato options around. We selected a few to try and became fixated on two gelateries: Il Gelatone and Gelarmony. The two had a good selection of vegan gelato — soy and fruit gelato. Their fruit gelato were all vegan as they don’t use milk in them. We liked these two places the best because the quality proved superior among their competitors. They use only natural ingredients, real fruit, no soy GMO, and no added sugar. The sugar used was from the natural fructose of the fruit. And for their soy gelato, it tasted amazing. We both aren’t fans of soy products, especially if the product consists of soy protein isolate because of health reasons, but also the flavor of the soy gelato did not taste like soy. It simply tasted creamy and delicious.


If you’re a big fan of vanilla, Il Gelatone has one that is mighty delicious. Their strawberry is also very good. I was a big fan. But, if you like hazelnut, I recommend Gelarmony’s hazelnut. And both places have good chocolate. We always stuck to our same flavors, so I can’t comment on the other flavors. My favorite combo at Il Gelatone was vanilla and strawberry, and vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut at Gelarmony. The great thing about Gelarmony is that they have a whole back section dedicated to vegans and those who are gluten intolerant. They even have a vegan cone that is also gluten free, which I gladly took advantage of.

Vanilla, Strawberry, Hazelnut

Vanilla, Strawberry, Hazelnut

There’s a gelaterie at every corner of Rome. You won’t have a hard time finding one, but it’s which one that taste the best is the question. We never ate so much gelato before, but when in Rome, that is part of your eating experience.