Last Call in Austin

As we’re coming very close to our departure (Saturday), I’d like to share a couple of more eating adventures in Austin — first on the ubiquitous frito pie offered here in restaurants. Just like its name, it’s a “pie” dish made up of these basic ingredients: Fritos corn chips, chili, cheese, refried beans, sour cream, onion, rice or jalapenos. There are many variations, and every place in town that serves this has their own unique touch to it.

A popular vegan food truck, Vegan Yacht, has their own “healthy” spin on it with organic ingredients. They do NOT use Fritos; they use organic corn chips. And on their small menu they have “Freeto Pie” or “Freeto Burrito” as their options for this popular, and local fritos dish concoction. We ordered the Freeto Burrito as is — tempeh chili, avocado, corn chips, cheeze — and shared it. To our surprise, it was very tasty. Not something we’d eat regularly, but we’re glad we tried it!


My last show and tell is Bananarchy, another food truck, or banana truck rather, that sells frozen bananas dipped with your desired toppings. They opened all summer, but we never had any interest in visiting until now — when they closed up for the winter. When I heard they were opening up for one day to celebrate their neighbor’s — Bistro Vonish — one-year birthday, I decided to make the last call. Their special for the day was a Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie Banana. Yup, I went for that. And boy, YUM. I’m glad we went and didn’t miss out on that opportunity!


So that wraps up our time in Austin. “See” you all in Montreal!