The Lovely Medieval Town of Óbidos

Enter the fortress wall of the medieval town of Óbidos and walk along the cobblestone streets of Rua Direita, the busy narrow pathway lined with cafes and white-washed houses. This is the scenery as we entered the main gate to the town. From the moment we arrived, massive crowds flooded in. It doesn’t matter what season it is, Óbidos is a popular and high-energy place, ridden with visitors.

Porta da Vila, the main gate into Óbidos.

To experience Óbidos, Ginja should be sampled. This cherry liquor is produced in the Óbidos region, and even before we entered the city wall, Ginja bottles were spotted. As we walked the main strip of town, we spotted endless stalls and cafes offering the drink. It is impossible to miss it.

The sampling is served in small chocolate cups, eaten after drinking the Ginja.

Óbidos’ white-washed houses are marked with yellow and blue borders. I noticed this all over town, which is unique to the place. And surrounded by bougainvillea, it adds a lovely charm to the place.

It doesn’t take long to walk through the main street of this small town. We escaped the crowd and explored the edge of town beside the fortress wall.

Our walk led us to climb and meander the wall that encircles the entire town. At this high up, we had a 360 view of Óbidos and the surrounding area.

The walk dropped us off at the Castelo de Óbidos. This 12th-century castle has been converted into a hotel, so you can’t explore the inside, but you can at least admire it from the outside.

I can see the draw to Óbidos. It’s a lovely little town. It may be a bit hectic getting into the place, but once you do it’s easy-going after you’ve drifted away from the main street.

This charming medieval town is worth the visit and stroll. It was less than a two-hour drive from where we’re staying in Sesimbra, but just a little over an hour from Lisbon, making it a perfect day trip if you have the extra time when visiting.