Home at the Stables

We’ve been living in Scotland for about two weeks now. All is well, but before I get to our adventures here, I’d like to share our new home at the Stables.

The Path to the Stables

In the little town of Meigle in the east of Scotland, we live just outside the center, set in the Scottish countryside. Our converted barn is on a private estate. It is peaceful and quiet here. We love it. This is the ultimate rural life we desire when we return to the States. I cannot live and sleep in the city no longer.

By the Stables

Once a stable, the converted barn was built in 1859. Now beyond these stone walls, it is a modern three-bedroom house with a nice sized gym.

Sitting right by the river, the house is surrounded by woods. I love brisk morning walks here, when the red squirrels are scurrying up and down the massive trees. The scenery is both beautiful and spooky, and we just LOVE it.

The Wooden Path

There is an old Roman Bridge nearby the river, and it is here where sightings of a “Ghost of Witch” appears. The neighbor who lives next to the bridge has her share of experiences, and I intend to speak to her about them.

There are also the remains of the Roman fort of Cardean across the river, albeit they are underground. We have yet explored this area, but if they are underground, I’m dubious of discovering the ruins.

We love our home base in Scotland. And even though it’s rural, the bigger cities are within easy reach. Dundee is close by and is Scotland’s fourth largest city. Edinburgh is only an hour away, and Glasgow is two hours away. But the larger cities won’t be our primary attractions here: Scotland’s beautiful landscape and history are what we’re after.