Last Call Quebec, and Next Sojourn

We spent the last couple of weeks enjoying what is left of our sojourn in East Coast Canada. Our trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick took it out of us. We were so fed up with driving any distance longer than thirty minutes, so we hung around locally and explored new eats in Montreal and enjoyed strolls in the too-warm-and-humid temperature for autumn.

Vegan Eats

Two new places worth checking out have opened up in Montreal since our last visit in the city. On two different days, we ate at each place and took delight in the good eats.


LOV is a cute vegan restaurant with the option to add cheese or eggs for vegetarians. There are two locations, one in Old Montreal and one in downtown. We made reservations at Old Montreal.

A buzzing and trendy atmosphere, LOV offers a creative menu with intent to please every palate. With a bohemian vibe and vintage edge, the restaurant dresses in plant-based colors. Plants top the tables, with accessories decked out in green leaves. And I just love the typewriters on the table out back and the swinging chairs. The whole ambiance of the place just did it for me.

When it came to food, LOV did not disappoint either.


Nick and I both had the house salad, which was zesty and tasty. With the salad, Nick also had the hummus and beet toast with almond feta. He kept raving about how good it was. I would soon find out on my own…


Nick ordered off the main dish section for his dinner, which was chickpea pancakes with chutney and eggplant curry. I tasted his meal and thought it good, but it was too rich and oily. It was too heavy, so Nick only ate half of the meal. He didn’t enjoy it as much as his starters.

For my main meal, I ordered two dishes from the starter menu, which was the beet and hummus toast (as seen above) and the kale butternut squash mac-and-cheese. I really wanted these options more than anything from the main section, and I was happy with my selections. I knew now why Nick kept on raving when he had the beet and hummus toast. It was so delicious and quite filling. Combined with the mac-and-cheese, I was in heaven. The mac-and-cheese is gourmet but done right and absolutely yummy. With those two starters, I was stuffed.

The mac-and-cheese is one of the most popular dishes at LOV. We sat next to the kitchen, so we saw how every table had ordered the dish. So I dare say if you don’t order it, you’re missing out. But, I also recommend the beet and hummus toast too!


Although too full, we wanted to do it up right. We knew we couldn’t leave without trying desserts. Nick went with the cashew cheesecake, and I went with a red velvet cupcake, though I had some of the cheesecake as well. Both were mighty scrumptious, but that cashew cheesecake was top-notch. This is probably the second time I’ve had cashew cheesecake out that tasted superb. I find that most places don’t make it right, but LOV super exceeded.

LOV is a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike. We were glad we tried the place, and we give it a 4.25 out of 5 rating. It’s our new favorite gourmet restaurant in Montreal, and I think it is a must-try if you’re here. Just be sure to book reservations ahead of time if you want a table.

Leaves Cafe

Leaves Cafe is an all vegan espresso bar. When I learned about this cafe in downtown Montreal, I wanted to give the place a try despite the fact that I don’t drink coffee or caffeine. However, I do on occasions drink green tea, so lucky for me they serve matcha lattes! A bonus, they have fresh baked goodies. You’ll find plain croissants, chocolate croissants, blueberry danishes, brownies and more.

Although small, Leaves is a cute space. They sell adorable plants. All over the shop, you’ll find cacti and other variety of plants.

During my visit, I had a plain croissant and matcha latte. If you’ve had matcha before, you can imagine how it tastes like served in just plain (unsweetened almond) milk. But the real pleaser was the croissant. It tastes better than it looks. Soft and fresh on the inside, I loved it. It’s hard finding good croissants, so I was surprised by it.

Autumn Strolls

The weather in September has been better than most of the summer here because it rained a lot in summer. There were also bouts of cold weather as well, but it is the opposite of that at the moment. We’ve had some scorcher days with high humidity and intense UV. Despite the heat wave, we still enjoy our daily walks.

Pictures from our recent stroll at Parc de Prairies in Laval, Quebec.

Our daily walks around Boisbriand are refreshing, but I especially love it when we catch sunset.

Next Sojourn

It has been a pleasure staying in this small town and unwinding from the city. Now we’re excited for the next chapter of our sojourn, which will be three months in Portugal. I’ve been learning Portuguese, and I’m sure I’ll be practicing it there.

We fly out in three days, so I’ll brief you all from there next week. Tchau!