Sainte-Rose, Quebec

The biggest nearby city to our small town is Laval, dividing us from Montreal. And within Laval is a quaint district called Sainte-Rose. Sainte-Rose used to be a village in 1850, then became its own town until 1965. Visiting the area, it is so different from modern Laval, especially the old area. Best known for its church, Sainte-Rose-de-Lima, the place hosts concerts annually. When we visited, the place was just setting up for a concert outside the church as I explored a cute ice cream shop that had vegan options.


Le Berlingot Ice Cream Shop: Mango ice cream that was much-needed because of the hot temperature.

“Vieux Ste-Rose” or old Ste-Rose is also known for its charming old houses.

Sainte-Rose’s northern section sits along Rivière des Mille Îles (River of the Thousand Islands), a channel of the Ottawa River. We got a chance to walk along the river, seeing a couple of groups of mama ducks and ducklings.

Besides walking along the river, you can kayak or canoe as well, which is what we did. We explored another section away from the walking trail on kayak, sightseeing cottages along the river and came across a couple of beavers in the water.

Having stumbled across Sainte-Rose by accident, it was a pleasure to explore this old section of Laval. As tourists visiting just a few days, we would never have visited places like this. This is one of the things I appreciate visiting long-term and living like a local, you just get to experience more things besides the typical tourist options of a place.