In and Around Aberfeldy, Highlands of Perthshire

On a day trip to Aberfeldy area in the Highlands of Perthshire, we did not expect snow since the area we were coming from did not.  However, we appreciated the views of snow covered landscape. It revealed the beauty of the area, dusted in heavenly white like a cake covered in fine coconut flakes; I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I saw.

We visited the small town of Kenmore, admiring one of the crannogs of Loch Tay. Then fed gentle red deers, learning all about their life cycle and how they survive out in nature. Ending the day, we dropped by Castle Menzies after leaving the deer, with a scrumptious ending in Grandtully for the best chocolates we’ve ever tasted.


Kenmore is a small town with lovely old buildings. It is here, the oldest inn of Scotland resides. But, the highlight for us was visiting Loch Tay. A beautiful sight with the snow and the sun glistening over the lake, it was majestic.


Red Deer Center

The beautiful and gentle red deers are worth visiting. At this red deer center, the docile creatures are fed like they are out in the wild, except times when visitors like us come around and feed them. Even so, the feeding is minuscule, and only the dominant stag and hind get to eat.

Some fun facts we learned about the red deers during the visit:

  • their stomachs shrink during the winter
  • calves are born from May to mid-June
  • the stags’ antlers shed every year and grow a new set
  • the hinds will eat the shed antlers in times when her nutrition is low and she needs proper nutrients for her milk

Castle Menzies

Not too far from the deer center is Castle Menzies. Castle Menzies is a sixteenth-century castle restored from ruins. The castle is closed during the winter season, so we only admired it from the outside while enjoying the peaceful scenery.

Highland Chocolatier, Grandtully

We had no idea the best chocolates are made in Scotland. The Highland Chocolatier in Grandtully is renowned for the best truffles in the world. Unfortunately, because they are not vegan, we did not taste any, though they do have just plain dark chocolate and dark chocolate covered fruits and nuts. This allowed us to sample the gourmet, artisanal chocolates made with cocoa from the volcanic island of São Tomé. Oh so yummy!

Our time here was excellent. We enjoyed every bit of it. And with so much to explore, this won’t be our last visit in the area.